Turning Cheer into a Career

Spread the CheerIs cheerleading your true passion and calling in life? Can’t imagine a life that doesn’t include cheerleading? Well, you may want to consider one of the following career paths to fulfill your cheer needs. Coaching Coaching is a fantastic way to pass on the lessons and skills that you have learned through cheerleading. […] Read more

Stand Strong Against Bullying

Spread the CheerIt can be as simple as calling someone a name or what seems to be an innocent prank. Bullying takes many forms, and when you are not on the receiving end can often seem to be harmless. But you never know what could push a person to reach their breaking point. As a […] Read more

Pump up the Pep: A+ Pep Rallies

Spread the CheerLooking to spice up your regular pep rally routine? Follow the tips below to earn an A+ grade! Identify the Purpose: It is important to let your audience know what your purpose is so they can plan accordingly. Not only is it important to let the student body know why you are having […] Read more

Hosting a Memorable End of the Season Banquet

Spread the CheerIt’s inevitable. Every season, no matter how exceptional, must ultimately come to end. And what better way to mark the close of one season and the beginning of another than hosting an end of season banquet for your cheerleaders! In many instances, the burden of planning such an event falls heavily on coaches […] Read more