Spreading Holiday Cheer

Spread the CheerHoliday cheer is a major component of a successful holiday season.  So it only makes sense that cheerleaders play a major role in spreading this cheer across their communities, schools, gyms, and households. So what can you do to help ensure the holidays are full of cheer? Show off your holiday spirit! Embrace […] Read more

Staying Fit through the Holidays

Spread the Cheer Family dinners, holiday parties, sweets galore, hours dedicated to finding the perfect gift: all things that signify the holiday season is near. There are many joyous things associated with the end of the year celebrations spanning from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, but these joyous moments can also be accompanied by over-eating, ditched […] Read more

Dealing with Problem Parents

Spread the Cheer The terms “cheer mom”, “cheer dad”, “dance mom”, and/or “dance dad” will literally cause some people, particularly coaches, to shudder from bad memories. There are televisions shows dedicated to following parents in these industries just to highlight some of their unusual and out of line behaviors. This is not to say that […] Read more

Heel Stretch Help

Spread the CheerA heel stretch is a popular flexibility skill used primarily in cheerleading by flyers. In this skill, a flyer stands on one leg (typically the right leg) and extends the other leg out in front of them holding while holding their own heel. To get a feel for the correct placement of where […] Read more

Score the Perfect Core

Spread the CheerSolid core strength is crucial in preventing injury while cheering, and is critical to performing a majority of the skills demanded by cheerleading. Perfecting quick and easy methods to fine-tune your core muscles will help you make a smooth transition into getting in shape and being a better performer. Beginner Exercises The following […] Read more

Traditional Cheer Crimes and Their Quick Fixes

Spread the Cheer“Pssst! Hey! Hey you…coach…choreographer… we know what you did last summer!” “No, not that!” We’re talking about the quick fixes you added into the routine to mask potential weakness. Nearly every coach or choreographer can be charged with this cheer crime, but it’s time to right those wrongs! Cheer Crimes are tricks of […] Read more

Creating an Effective Practice Plan

Spread the CheerThe most effective coaches never go into a practice without a plan and a goal. Having a practice plan will ensure that you are using your practice time wisely and efficiently. So what exactly is a practice plan? A practice plan is a written plan that outlines your practice, reminding you what you […] Read more

Maxing out the Score Sheet at Competition

Spread the CheerSports such as cheerleading, dancing, and figure skating are often criticized because they appear to be very subjective when it comes to judging. In reality, when people are involved in judging, there is certainly a subjective nature. However, major steps have been taken in all of these sports to eliminate the subjective nature […] Read more

Getting to the Bottom of Tumbling Mental Blocks

Spread the CheerIn cheerleading, many skills take great physical ability, but there is also typically an equal amount of mental strength needed. When it comes to tumbling, there are many reasons that cheerleaders may find themselves with a mental block. A mental block is simply when you let your mind stop you from completing skills […] Read more

Successfully Managing a Busy Schedule

Spread the CheerWhether you are a cheerleader, cheer coach, or cheer parent, cheerleading most likely demands a good amount of your time, and as much as we’d like to believe that the world revolves solely around cheer, it does not. So how can you effectively manage that crazy schedule without losing it? Quite honestly, managing […] Read more