Cheerleading Tryouts

Successfully Coaching Siblings

Spread the CheerSiblings boast an undeniably unique relationship . . . and this relationship oftentimes presents its own unique set of challenges when siblings are a part of the same team. With siblings on the same squad, the responsibilities of a coach are enhanced; special attention must be paid in order to maximize the potential […] Read more

Start from the Beginning

Spread the CheerSo tryouts are over and you have successfully selected your perfect team! Ideas for new and innovative skills and routines are running wild in your mind, and you can’t wait to jump in head first. Embrace the excitement, jot down all of those great ideas, and then put them on the back burner. […] Read more

Why do Cheerleaders Point their Toes?

Spread the CheerThis is a question to which it seems everyone involved in cheerleading should know the answer. But oftentimes when asked this question, cheerleaders, parents, and coaches don’t know the answer. The most common guess is “because it looks good.” And although this is usually just a guess, that answer is actually correct. Cheerleaders […] Read more

What to Expect from College Cheer Tryouts

Spread the CheerCollege tryouts are a great experience, but many cheerleaders don’t know what to expect or how to prepare. We hope this article will better prepare you to put your best foot forward for this unique experience. Are college tryouts different from high school and competitive team tryouts? In some cases, YES, drastically different! […] Read more

Dealing with Disappointment

Spread the CheerIt’s inevitable. Every season, no matter how exceptional, must ultimately come to end. And what better way to mark the close of one season and the beginning of another than hosting an end of season banquet for your cheerleaders! In many instances, the burden of planning such an event falls heavily on coaches […] Read more

P.E.P. is Important: Tips for a Successful Cheerleading Tryout

Spread the CheerAs the school year winds down and the competition season concludes everything seems to rewind and begin again with tryouts. Preparation is key in making the tryout process as successful and as stress-free as possible.  Cheerleading tryouts can be a great experience and a very fun time of the year if you always […] Read more