Cheerleading Traditions

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Spread the CheerHoliday cheer is a major component of a successful holiday season.  So it only makes sense that cheerleaders play a major role in spreading this cheer across their communities, schools, gyms, and households. So what can you do to help ensure the holidays are full of cheer? Show off your holiday spirit! Embrace […] Read more

Fine-Tuning and Cleaning Cheer Routines

Spread the CheerThe music is in, choreography done, and conditioning is complete. The only step now is to fine-tune your routine by cleaning each individual section. The term “cleaning” refers to the process of tidying up small errors or correcting choreography to ensure the routine is at its best. Doing so will help ensure that […] Read more

Pump up the Pep: A+ Pep Rallies

Spread the CheerLooking to spice up your regular pep rally routine? Follow the tips below to earn an A+ grade! Identify the Purpose: It is important to let your audience know what your purpose is so they can plan accordingly. Not only is it important to let the student body know why you are having […] Read more

COMMIT to Creating School Traditions

Spread the CheerQuestion: Who holds the responsibility of keeping school traditions alive and well and passed along to the next generation? Answer: Cheerleaders! It’s a heavy burden to bear, but the rewards are great and there is tons of fun to be had along the way. School traditions are unique to each school. Some schools […] Read more