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Experience the Majors

Over the past decade, all-star cheerleading has become one of the most competitive sports in the country, and it is quickly spreading across the globe! As new programs and gyms pop up annuall,y the demand for competitions has rapidly grown, … Continue reading

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Competition Tips Straight from the Judges

As choreography season spirals into overdrive, we’d like to supply you with a helpful list of routine pointers. We’ve consulted several judges from major national cheer and dance competition companies, and this is what we’ve found. Things that excite and … Continue reading

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Start from the Beginning

So tryouts are over and you have successfully selected your perfect team! Ideas for new and innovative skills and routines are running wild in your mind, and you can’t wait to jump in head first. Embrace the excitement, jot down … Continue reading

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Dealing with Disappointment

The root word in cheerleading is cheer, so consequently everything in a cheerleader’s life should be happy and positive right? Well reality begs to differ. None of us live in a perfect world and at some point we all have … Continue reading

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Simple Stretching Made Easy

Test out your cheer knowledge with this quick trivia question: what is critical to tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dancing, and also helps to keep you injury-free? The answer is quite simple . .  stretching! Stretching, as previously stated, serves multiple purposes … Continue reading

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