cheer training

Successfully Coaching Siblings

Spread the CheerSiblings boast an undeniably unique relationship . . . and this relationship oftentimes presents its own unique set of challenges when siblings are a part of the same team. With siblings on the same squad, the responsibilities of a coach are enhanced; special attention must be paid in order to maximize the potential […] Read more

Conditioning for Increased Stamina

Spread the CheerStamina is a main component in a performing a successful cheer routine. The ability to successfully complete a cheer routine from beginning to end mandates a high level of both energy and endurance. You cannot rightfully expect your team to perform to their full potential when proper conditioning has not been completed. Conditioning […] Read more

Basket Tossing 101

Spread the CheerBasket tosses are one of the most crowd pleasing stunts performed by cheerleaders. There is nothing more amazing than to see a cheerleader flying through the air with such grace and control. For those unfamiliar with cheerleading, it may seem like basket tosses are accomplished with ease, but in reality, basket tosses require […] Read more

Foundation Skills for Better Tumbling

Spread the CheerCheerleading requires a good foundation in many skill areas, but there are a few particular skills that are very important to learn correctly before progressing to higher level skills. Below you will find five basic elements of beginner level tumbling/gymnastics that play a large role in determining both the ease and speed at […] Read more