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Carrie - Our latest Blogger

Carrie has been in the cheer and dance world for 25 years as a participant, coach and more recently, cheer mom. She was a cheerleader in elementary, middle and high school and coached middle school cheer for 10 years. She is a middle school history teacher and currently the East Texas Sales Rep for Cheerleading Company. We are pleased to have Carrie on board!

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CHEER + FITNESS = Fat Burning Fun!
Become a Cheerobics Instructor!
CROB11 Cheerobics DVD and Pom Package
Cheerobics® returns for another Instructor Training tour, this time stopping by Las Vegas, San Diego, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Boston! After being featured on the Dr. Oz show last November, the team at Cheerobics® have had increasing demands to add more classes for adults and kids around all of the USA.  Because of this demand, they are recruiting more cheerleading coaches, dance teachers and fitness instructors to join their team of Instructors and also Regional Reps and Master trainers.
Cheerobics® is an amazing cheerleading fitness class that burns up to 700 calories per session, gets anyone of all ages and levels to love cheerleading, and also improves stamina, conditioning and motion technique. This is your opportunity to train as an instructor with Jessica Zoo, founder of Cheerobics®!
Cheerobics® is expanding fast, so this is your chance to get involved – they are still looking for Instructors to be selected as Regional Reps & Master Trainers (aka Cheerobics® Allstars) – and this could be your chance to represent and grow your own community of classes and grow your cheerleading program through a variety of additional classes and activities for adults and kids.
Classes are perfect for:
  • Anyone who always wanted to know how to be a cheerleader, but never had the opportunity to
  • Anyone who wants to become a cheerleader, and needs to start from zero before attending tryouts or join a team
  • Moms and friends of cheerleaders who want to get a bit more involved in the cheer activities (they can get fit while the kids go to training!)
  • Anyone who wants to improve their fitness and join an exciting, fun class
  • Cheerleaders: a complementary training focused on improving cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle strength and endurance
  • ‘Retired’ cheerleaders: offering relevant fitness class which they can continue all their life
For more information please visit!instructor-courses/c1vi2.   If you want more information about the Cheerobics® Home DVD Experience, please visit
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We are a small gym with a super large heart! That is attributed to one thing. The coaching staff. I believe athletes are taught what they learn and see around them. That was evident by a couple teams that we faced at competitions this past season. Telling our girls that they sucked and that “they got this”. Our girls never once retaliated even though they ended up taking second by .4.  It showed when our girls went on to win the sportsmanship award for their presentation.


Our coaches always teach the girls that it doesn’t matter what the outcome is or the hardware that you bring home. Sure that is the awesome perk. What matters is that you bring your best to the mat, leave any frustrations on the mat and most of all have fun. We’ve had a great season this year and come home with three national titles and a couple grands, but in those competitions where they didn’t quite hit that stunt or nail that tumbling pass our coaches told them to keep their chins up. It’s no one persons fault. You win as a team, you lose as a team.


Being the mother of a flyer that really makes me feel better that these girls are not being taught that any one person can ruin the routine. My daughter goes out with confidence when she flys and if she makes a mistake she is upset, because she feels she let her team down, not because she’s going to be yelled at or pulled from the stunt. We’ve been there going on 7 years now and have never once felt unloved or unappreciated.


Hats off to the coaches at Cheer Xplosion Allstars in Denver, NC

Dawn Reep

Haley Furr

Kyle Sain

Kelsey Williams

Submitted by : ~Lynn~


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2014 WORLDS results

A HUGE shoutout to ALL the teams that participated at Worlds 2014 this past weekend! Congratulations Top 5!

WORLDS results (1)



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Meet our CheerCo WORLDS Correspondents


Bianca is a cheerleader at University of North Texas and will be competing at WORLDS this year with Cheer Athletics Lady Cats.



Hello! my name is Austin Blake Alonzo, and I go by Blake. I have been on NCA staff for 4 years, and my first time to work Worlds. I won worlds in 2012 with Spirit of Texas Medium Coed. My intstagram and twitter names are @baustinlake if you would like to tag to anything! Thank you so much!


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Long time, no see!

Hello Cheer Friends,

Welcome to our new and improved BLOG!   We have missed you!   In the coming weeks, you will be seeing new cheer articles, postings, pictures, you name it!   Be sure to check back often for exciting tidbits and cheer tips. Also, be sure to check our previous blogs.   They are a great resource!

This weekend is the crème de la crème of cheerleading events – WORLDS!!!   We have two seasoned WORLDS correspondents who will be sharing their insights and behind-the-scenes views from the 2014 Cheerleading WORLDS.    Stay tuned to our Facebook page and this blog for more info this weekend! We are also looking for guest bloggers!   Are you a cheer mom, coach or high school, college, and/or All-Star cheerleader?   We want to hear from you!  If interested, please send a brief bio and a short writing sample to

-Cheers from your friends at!   We SPEAK Cheer!


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Experience the Majors

Over the past decade, all-star cheerleading has become one of the most competitive sports in the country, and it is quickly spreading across the globe! As new programs and gyms pop up annuall,y the demand for competitions has rapidly grown, leading to a plethora of competition companies claiming to host the best of the best! In recent years, the true test of the elite in competitive cheerleading has played out at the annual cheerleading Worlds competition hosted by the U.S. All Star Federation (USASF). January 2012 marked the inaugural year for the The Majors competition, the closest rival to the USASF World competition.

To participate in the USASF World competition, a team must receive a bid at a qualifying national competition. Contrary to this method of eligibility, The Majors prides itself it being the most selective elite all-star competition to date. Participates are hand selected based on past performances, popularity, and overall program success.

In 2012, a total of nine teams were selected from seven programs. The competition included only two divisions (arguably the two most popular and entertaining divisions), level five large all girl and level five large co-ed.

The competition took place January 14, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana in conjunction with the sponsoring organizations Super Nationals. Each team performed once, and awards were announced immediately following the competition. The participating teams are listed below in order of how they ranked (final scores are listed in parenthesis).


Level 5 Large All Girl Level 5 Large Co-ed
1. Cheer Athletics (93.50)        1. Cheer Extreme (92.22)
2. Maryland Twisters F5 (92.21)        2. Cheer Athletics (90.24)
3. Cheer Extreme (90.50)        3. Top Gun (89.67)
4. Fame (89.46)        4. ACE (89.08)
5. Maryland Marlins (87.08)


The Majors also differ from other competitions in that each team is chronicled through multiple video posts. This gives fans a peek inside these elite teams while they are practicing at their home gyms. The event is a must-see for any fan of competitive cheerleading or elite sports. During most competitions, audience members make an effort to watch these teams no matter how much extra time must be spent in the arena awaiting their performance. The Majors gives you the best of the best, one after another, all in one setting! It doesn’t get better than that!

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Raising Cheerleaders to have Positive Body Images

Cheerleading is a sport that, by default, centers a lot of focus on weight and body shape. Flyers are expected to be dainty, and bases are expected to be strong and have a body that can easily support flyers. It is easy to see how, without careful attention, cheerleaders can develop very dangerous complexes about their body. Below you will find tips that every parent, coach, or friend can use to ensure that your cheerleader is confident in her own skin.

1. Talk about who your cheerleader is and what your cheerleader does versus what she looks like. If you are constantly reinforcing that actions and character are more important than appearances, your child will act accordingly. This message must also be backed up by your own actions.

2. You are the first line of defense, and in many cases you will be your cheerleader’s first introduction into body image. Children in general are largely shaped by what they see on television and in magazines. Take time to discuss these images with your cheerleader. Let them know what are realistic images, and share facts about healthy body weights. Be aware of what your cheerleader is reading or watching, and discuss it openly. Encourage your cheerleader to talk about and question what is both seen and heard.

3. Be conscious of what the clothes your cheerleader is wearing say about her body. Allowing young children to wear clothing that is too tight or too sexy can open them up to unwanted scrutiny.

4. Don’t shy away from the tough topics. Explain the effects of puberty and genetics. Make sure your cheerleader understands that weight gain is a normal part of development, especially during puberty. Explain that body shape also is largely influenced by genetic factors.

5. Set a good example. Explain to your daughter that you eat a healthy diet and exercise for your health — not just to look a certain way. Also, think about what you read and watch as well as the products you buy and the lessons your choices send.

We hope that you will take these tips and incorporate them into your life, as well as share them with other parents and coaches. Cheerleaders that have unaddressed negative body images are subject to many harsh consequences. Prevention is always the best solution.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Holiday cheer is a major component of a successful holiday season.  So it only makes sense that cheerleaders play a major role in spreading this cheer across their communities, schools, gyms, and households. So what can you do to help ensure the holidays are full of cheer?

  1. Show off your holiday spirit! Embrace holiday traditions as a team. This can be as simple as sporting Santa hats during games or performances during December.  
  2. Create a holiday themed routine to be showcased throughout the Holiday season.  Use the holiday season as a platform to increase your team’s appearances. Most communities host holiday parades, lighting ceremonies, toy drives, etc. Volunteer to perform or participate in these types of events. It will not only give you the opportunity to strut your stuff, but to be involved in making the season a bit more cheerful.  
  3. Give back. Take some time out of your busy schedule to give back to your school or community.  Consider hosting a free clinic for young aspiring cheerleaders. You can add an additional element of service by asking each participant to bring a canned good or a toy to be donated.  
  4. Say thanks to those who have supported you. Find a creative way to say thanks to your coaches, advisors, or teachers who have supported you throughout your season. This doesn’t always require a large monetary contribution. A great low-cost holiday gift idea for a coach or advisor is a personalized scrapbook. Give each member a page of the scrapbook to complete on her own. This way the coach receives a special something from every member. Photos create lasting memories and great gifts! 
  5. Team up with others. The holiday season definitely embodies the saying “the more the merrier”!  Don’t be shy about asking other local teams to join in on the fun. The holidays are about unity and celebrating the goodness in life, and joining up with others is a great way to demonstrate this. Uniting with the rival school would be a great holiday surprise! 

In the end, the holiday season is all about sharing and caring. Share with others your strengths. Share with others who may be less fortunate. Show those who are constantly working to assist you how much you care. 

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Staying Fit through the Holidays

Family dinners, holiday parties, sweets galore, hours dedicated to finding the perfect gift: all things that signify the holiday season is near. There are many joyous things associated with the end of the year celebrations spanning from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, but these joyous moments can also be accompanied by over-eating, ditched workout routines, and a serious case of apathy. So what is the recipe to avoiding this holiday haze? CELEBRATE and you’ll conquer the holidays with no trouble!


Control your eating.  The holiday spirit is one that embraces over-eating. Avoid this at all costs. Remember to eat manageable portions. The saying the more the merrier doesn’t apply to your plate. You don’t have to say no to all the delicious holiday desserts; instead, limit yourself to one.

Eat before you go. This will help to avoid the urge to pile it on your plate if you’re heading to a family feast. And if a family feast isn’t your destination, eating before you depart will ensure that you have the energy to make it through your day with adequate holiday pep.

Location doesn’t matter – fit in exercise wherever you can. Also, look for non-traditional opportunities to get in some exercise. One example is to take the steps instead of the elevator. Or don’t waste time circling the mall parking lot for that front row spot; a swift walk from the back of the parking lot can certainly serve as a healthy dose of cardio.

Exercise when you can. Hectic schedules usually accompany the Holiday season. Don’t ditch your exercise routine completely. Short sessions beat nothing at all. Get it in where you can fit it in! Keep in mind that exercise will help keep you stress-free and smiling throughout the holiday season.

Beware of liquid calories. Filling up on the holiday punch can be just as bad as over-eating. When the opportunity to choose water presents itself, select water.

Recruit others to join in. Encourage family and friends to work out with you. “The more the merrier” most certainly applies in this instance. Take a break from holiday cooking or shopping, and work out together.

Avoid skipping meals. Although it’s tempting to skip meals in hopes of making room for future feasts, coming to the buffet line with an empty stomach usually leads to making poor food selections. Eating small meals throughout the day not only allows your body time to digest all of your food adequately, but will also help you to avoid over-indulging.

Turn down the heat. When you are a little chilly, NOT FREEZING, your body will work a little harder to warm up, thus burning extra calories. So hold off on putting that snuggie on so soon.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit! Remember, stress is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Live in the moment and enjoy the festivities while they last!

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