Basing Basics (Part I)

Spread the CheerStunting is one of the most astounding and quickly evolving parts of cheerleading, but it is also one of the most intricate parts of the sport. Stunting requires a high degree of team work and the cooperation of at least two people, but in many cases four or more cheerleaders. Many times, when […] Read more

Molding the Next Generation?s Cheerleaders

Spread the CheerIn almost every sport you can find elite athletes who can recount stories of being molded into a superior athlete by coaches and parents at a very young age. Basketball players who were made to shoot 100 free throws daily or eat with their left hand at the dinner table. Quarterbacks who learned […] Read more

Cheering at the College Level

Spread the CheerOut of the millions of cheerleaders world-wide only a small percentage will go on to cheer at a collegiate level. Preparing to take that step typically requires a great amount of preparation and commitment. Below you will find some pointers that should help you decide if collegiate cheerleading is for you and if […] Read more

Choosing the Right Cheer Camp

Spread the CheerFor many cheer teams around the nation summer camp marks the official beginning of the cheer season. There are thousands of cheer camps held annually and some are designed to meet very specific needs, so it is important to be informed about your options in order to select the camp that will best […] Read more

Tips For Joyous Jumping

Spread the CheerMany aspects of cheerleading have drastically changed throughout the last two decades… basket tosses fly higher, tumblers resemble gymnasts, flyers are more flexible, and competition is much more intense, but there is one skill that has remained constant and is a cornerstone of cheerleading, jumping. Jumps are a core part of cheerleading and […] Read more

Melody Mills Interview

Spread the CheerIn the fast paced and constantly evolving world of cheer and dance there are always a few trendsetters leading the way into new styles, new skills and new rules. Bonded together by a love of the sport, these people often share a simple moment in the spotlight, but we’d like to take some […] Read more

Simple Stretching Made Easy

Spread the CheerTest out your cheer knowledge with this quick trivia question: what is critical to tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dancing, and also helps to keep you injury-free? The answer is quite simple . .  stretching! Stretching, as previously stated, serves multiple purposes and is essential in many sports, but is especially useful in cheerleading. Cheerleading […] Read more

P.E.P. is Important: Tips for a Successful Cheerleading Tryout

Spread the CheerAs the school year winds down and the competition season concludes everything seems to rewind and begin again with tryouts. Preparation is key in making the tryout process as successful and as stress-free as possible.  Cheerleading tryouts can be a great experience and a very fun time of the year if you always […] Read more