Successfully Coaching Siblings

Spread the CheerSiblings boast an undeniably unique relationship . . . and this relationship oftentimes presents its own unique set of challenges when siblings are a part of the same team. With siblings on the same squad, the responsibilities of a coach are enhanced; special attention must be paid in order to maximize the potential […] Read more

Traditional Cheer Crimes and Their Quick Fixes

Spread the Cheer“Pssst! Hey! Hey you…coach…choreographer… we know what you did last summer!” “No, not that!” We’re talking about the quick fixes you added into the routine to mask potential weakness. Nearly every coach or choreographer can be charged with this cheer crime, but it’s time to right those wrongs! Cheer Crimes are tricks of […] Read more

Creating an Effective Practice Plan

Spread the CheerThe most effective coaches never go into a practice without a plan and a goal. Having a practice plan will ensure that you are using your practice time wisely and efficiently. So what exactly is a practice plan? A practice plan is a written plan that outlines your practice, reminding you what you […] Read more

Creatively Motivate Your Cheer Team

Spread the CheerCheerleaders are responsible for motivating others, but who is responsible for motivating the cheerleaders? This responsibility largely falls on the shoulders of team advisors or coaches and is not always an easy task. Below you will find some creative ways to motivate your team throughout the season. A motivated team does the best […] Read more

Start from the Beginning

Spread the CheerSo tryouts are over and you have successfully selected your perfect team! Ideas for new and innovative skills and routines are running wild in your mind, and you can’t wait to jump in head first. Embrace the excitement, jot down all of those great ideas, and then put them on the back burner. […] Read more

Getting to the Bottom of Tumbling Mental Blocks

Spread the CheerIn cheerleading, many skills take great physical ability, but there is also typically an equal amount of mental strength needed. When it comes to tumbling, there are many reasons that cheerleaders may find themselves with a mental block. A mental block is simply when you let your mind stop you from completing skills […] Read more

Successfully Managing a Busy Schedule

Spread the CheerWhether you are a cheerleader, cheer coach, or cheer parent, cheerleading most likely demands a good amount of your time, and as much as we’d like to believe that the world revolves solely around cheer, it does not. So how can you effectively manage that crazy schedule without losing it? Quite honestly, managing […] Read more

The Evolution of Men in Cheerleading

Spread the CheerMany people unfamiliar with the history of cheerleading may think of men in cheerleading as a “new” trend, or even a taboo idea, but in fact the first cheerleaders were all male! The roots of cheerleading in the United States reach back more than 100 years. The first documented appearance of cheerleaders dates […] Read more

Leading with Cheer

Spread the CheerThe essence of cheerleading is embodied by the ideas of spirit and leadership. Many times, one person or multiple people are elected or appointed to take on the responsibility of a captain and assist the coach in leading the squad. The responsibilities of a captain can be wide-ranging, but there is a core […] Read more

Why do Cheerleaders Point their Toes?

Spread the CheerThis is a question to which it seems everyone involved in cheerleading should know the answer. But oftentimes when asked this question, cheerleaders, parents, and coaches don’t know the answer. The most common guess is “because it looks good.” And although this is usually just a guess, that answer is actually correct. Cheerleaders […] Read more