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You’ve Made the Team!! Now What?

Spread the Cheer Congratulations!! You are a member of next year’s cheerleading or dance team! How exciting! All the hard work paid off. All the research and practicing was worth it, right? So now that you are on the team, what happens next? What are the expectations and what may be required of you? Here […] Read more

How to Stay “Cheer-Ready” over Summer Break

Spread the Cheer Summer break is here, which means no school and fun in the sun.  For most of us it also means no cheerleading until football season starts back up.  How can you stay “cheer-ready” during your summer break? Stay in shape! You do not want to be huffing and puffing through practices when […] Read more

Creating an Effective Practice Plan

Spread the CheerThe most effective coaches never go into a practice without a plan and a goal. Having a practice plan will ensure that you are using your practice time wisely and efficiently. So what exactly is a practice plan? A practice plan is a written plan that outlines your practice, reminding you what you […] Read more

Creatively Motivate Your Cheer Team

Spread the CheerCheerleaders are responsible for motivating others, but who is responsible for motivating the cheerleaders? This responsibility largely falls on the shoulders of team advisors or coaches and is not always an easy task. Below you will find some creative ways to motivate your team throughout the season. A motivated team does the best […] Read more