You’ve Made the Team!! Now What?

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Congratulations!! You are a member of next year’s cheerleading or dance team! How exciting! All the hard work paid off. All the research and practicing was worth it, right? So now that you are on the team, what happens next? What are the expectations and what may be required of you? Here is a quick list of things that may help you out as you begin what is sure to be an incredibly memorable year.


This is your year to listen and absorb everything. As a first-year team member, it is your job to pay attention and learn the ropes of how things work. If you have questions, lean on your veteran members who have been in your shoes. They know how this all works and would love to help you have a wonderful rookie year!


Yes, you are on the team, but your work has just begun! Before you know it, you will be in front of huge crowds and whether it be cheering or dancing, they will be looking to you for entertainment during games. Be sure to keep your body in tip top shape by working on your skills and stretching over the summer. You don’t want to have to retrain your body once school practices start so continue to work on everything in the gym or at a studio while you are “off.” Also, throughout the year, make sure you are practicing your routines and cheers at home. Always come to practice ready to give your VERY best!!


Time management will become your new best friend and possibly worst enemy if you don’t get ahead of it. Go to your favorite office supply store, find a cute calendar page online or grab that Smart Phone and get your personal calendar organized NOW! Your coach/director has probably already given you a list of important dates, like pre-camp practices, camp, fundraisers, payment dates and more. Make sure you get those written down, put in your phone and make a copy for the refrigerator or information center in your house or sync them with your parent’s phones so that everyone knows what is going on as well!!! Once school starts, you will then have to add homework, projects and tests, oh my! Don’t worry, you’ve got this! Set lots of reminders!!


Being on a team is definitely tough on the muscles and joints. It’s a commitment of mind, body and soul! But it’s also a big financial commitment and it’s very important to the success of your team that you make your payments for your practice wear, uniforms and camp on time. Sometimes just one person not paying their bills affects the entire team so if you need to get a summer job to help out, remember the commitment you made and get to babysitting. It will be well worth it!!!


Nothing is worse than cliques on a team and in the world of cheer and dance, it is bound to happen at times. So, do your part to be friendly with everyone and get to know every member of your team. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by the older girls either! Remember, they were in your shoes at one point too. They are there to help you! And definitely get to know all the new members. They are in the same boat as you, so get that bonding and memory making started….now!!!


Finally, have so much fun! You only get to be young once! And you only get to be a part of this team for so long, so make the most of it. Be a part of everything 1000%. You won’t regret it! It makes it so much more of a life changing experience and you will be a part of something great!!

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