Zephz puts feet first! US World Cup Approved!


Are you looking for a shoe that really cares about your feet?    Look no further than our Zephz shoe collection here at Cheerleading.com.


All Zephz shoes have thermoplastic heel counters which provide great heel support.  A proper heel counter will also control your foot better than no heel counter or a soft material as seen in our videos with our consulting Podiatrist, Dr Nicholas Romansky:


All Zephz shoes are reviewed and endorsed by Dr Romansky, whom not only has his own practice in Philadelphia but is also a consulting podiatrist for the US World Cup teams both men’s and women’s and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Additionally Zephz has over 32 years of experience in athletic footwear Their founder and owner previously worked as an engineer for adidas and Converse.   So with Zephz, you can be rest assured that the shoes will perform!    Their owner still personally works with the factories to ensure it meets his quality and performance standards, which are the same as major athletic footwear brands.


Cheerleading.com is proud to feature the full line of Zephz shoes: http://www.cheerleading.com/236-Zephz.html.   From the budget-friendly Tumble to the lightweight Stratoscheer for men and women!    Be sure to check out the new Zenith arriving in August, 2014!

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