Get Your Fans Involved!

By: Carrie Batson

One of the best things about being a cheerleader is being on the sidelines of a game and hearing the roar of the crowd!  One of the biggest questions that cheerleaders ask is how they can get the fans involved.  Here are 5 must-have spirit items (all available at to gain your fans’ support…


  1. Signs – Direct your fans’ yells to coordinate with your own.  The best way to get your crowd to cheer with your squad is to build a solid pyramid and present them with your cheer.  Keep the words simple and easy to understand and you will have a fan base all season long!


  1. Noise Makers – Crowds love to make noise!  This will pump up your team and rattle the other team!


  1. Face Tattoos – Your student body will love face tattoos to show their school spirit.  These tattoos come in many different colors, mascots and spirit sayings- you could get a new one for every game!


  1. Mascots – Everyone loves to see their team’s mascot dancing and cheering on the sidelines of the game.  Even better, they love to see the mascot greeting fans.  If your school does not have a mascot costume- you should definitely think about getting one!


  1. Spirit T-Shirts – A crowd that is all wearing the same shirt shows the other team that you came prepared!  Having a spirit shirt that unifies your team, your school and even your community can be the thing that sets you apart!
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