Attention All Cheer Coaches – Get Organized for Football Season!

By Carrie Batson

Football season is rapidly approaching!  As you get prepared for the season, I’d like to give you 5 tips to staying organized and making the most of your experience as a cheer coach.


  • Keep a master calendar with all school events, practices, and scheduled performances.  Make sure to include home and away games, pep rallies, Homecoming activities, fundraising events, community service projects and competitions.  Provide all cheerleaders (and parents) with a copy of the calendar, well in advance, so that any scheduling conflicts can be corrected.


  • Along with the calendar, make a schedule for your cheerleaders (and parents) that explains what each cheerleader should wear to practices, games, or any different activities.  This small step prevents tons of confusion amongst your squad!


  • Make a list of what should be inside your cheerleaders’ cheer bags at all times.  Some suggestions are extra socks, bow, briefs, cold weather wear, band-aids, water bottle, poms, etc.


  • Prepare a list of cheers and chants that all cheerleaders should know.  Make sure that your team has perfected all of the ones on the list.  Your cheer captain can use it at games to call cheers, and your squad can use it at practice.


  • Finally, stay involved in your squad’s school responsibilities!  Ultimately, their education is the most important thing.  Check that they are studying and balancing school-work with cheer activities.  Also, ensure that your squad is representing your program well, on and off the field!
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