Summer Tips for Drill and Dance Team Members

By: Lori Todd 

Yea! You have done it! You have made the dance team for the 2014-2015 season and now it is summer. Your first performance is most likely under your belt because the spring game or spring show of the previous year’s team is over and so you feel like you can just sit back and relax until pre-camp practices or camp gets here. Well, that is where you are wrong! As a team member, it is always important that you are thinking ahead and being proactive to add to your success and the success of your team! Below are four tips for the summer to help you stay ahead of the game for the upcoming year!


Work that Flexibility – It is super important to not lose your flexibility over the summer. Be sure to continue to stretch to ensure that you won’t be the one on the sidelines watching your friends at halftime during football season. The best time to stretch your muscles is when they are warm, so after a workout or after a hot shower or bath. Be sure to spend at least 16 seconds in each position, and if you are preparing for jump splits, research the best stretches for groin and hamstring muscles. Crank up your Pandora and get to stretching! You will be glad you did once practices start up again.


Sharpen up your Technique – There is no such thing as too much technique, so get in classes this summer so that you can really be prepared for those double turns and grand jetes! Remember that these will likely be required of you once camp or boot camp/pre-school practices arrive. Having solid technique is what makes a good dancer a great dancer, so really pay attention to the fundamentals of dance and find a technique class near you. If classes aren’t an option, maybe an officer or the captain of your team would be willing to hold a free class at the school’s dance studio or gymnasium. It never hurts to ask!


Practice your game day look – What teenage girl doesn’t love to play with hair and make-up? This summer can be the time that you perfect your game day look. Most dance/drill teams require you to wear your hair and make up a certain way, so why not get a jump start? Practice makes perfect. Ask your big sis or officer what the requirements are and practice away. You will find out soon that there isn’t a lot of time between Friday’s last school bell and the time you have to be in line for inspection before the game. Get in front of the mirror today, and grab a friend while you’re at it. Most things are better with a teammate!


Pack up an emergency kit of essentials – Game days are always super busy and super fun! Team members are running around like crazy trying to get dressed, eat, put their make up on and practice the routine the night’s routine. It never fails that right in the middle of the craziness, someone realizes that they have forgotten something. Invest in an inexpensive plastic container with multiple compartments is the best and fill it with the essentials. My list would include: safety pins, bobby pins, elastic hair ties, a hairnet, Band-Aids, feminine products, a “Tide to-go” pen, nail polish remover pads and an extra pair of false eyelashes. You can never be TOO prepared.



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