Spreading Holiday Cheer

Holiday cheer is a major component of a successful holiday season.  So it only makes sense that cheerleaders play a major role in spreading this cheer across their communities, schools, gyms, and households. So what can you do to help ensure the holidays are full of cheer?

  1. Show off your holiday spirit! Embrace holiday traditions as a team. This can be as simple as sporting Santa hats during games or performances during December.  
  2. Create a holiday themed routine to be showcased throughout the Holiday season.  Use the holiday season as a platform to increase your team’s appearances. Most communities host holiday parades, lighting ceremonies, toy drives, etc. Volunteer to perform or participate in these types of events. It will not only give you the opportunity to strut your stuff, but to be involved in making the season a bit more cheerful.  
  3. Give back. Take some time out of your busy schedule to give back to your school or community.  Consider hosting a free clinic for young aspiring cheerleaders. You can add an additional element of service by asking each participant to bring a canned good or a toy to be donated.  
  4. Say thanks to those who have supported you. Find a creative way to say thanks to your coaches, advisors, or teachers who have supported you throughout your season. This doesn’t always require a large monetary contribution. A great low-cost holiday gift idea for a coach or advisor is a personalized scrapbook. Give each member a page of the scrapbook to complete on her own. This way the coach receives a special something from every member. Photos create lasting memories and great gifts! 
  5. Team up with others. The holiday season definitely embodies the saying “the more the merrier”!  Don’t be shy about asking other local teams to join in on the fun. The holidays are about unity and celebrating the goodness in life, and joining up with others is a great way to demonstrate this. Uniting with the rival school would be a great holiday surprise! 

In the end, the holiday season is all about sharing and caring. Share with others your strengths. Share with others who may be less fortunate. Show those who are constantly working to assist you how much you care. 

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