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Over the past decade, all-star cheerleading has become one of the most competitive sports in the country, and it is quickly spreading across the globe! As new programs and gyms pop up annuall,y the demand for competitions has rapidly grown, leading to a plethora of competition companies claiming to host the best of the best! In recent years, the true test of the elite in competitive cheerleading has played out at the annual cheerleading Worlds competition hosted by the U.S. All Star Federation (USASF). January 2012 marked the inaugural year for the The Majors competition, the closest rival to the USASF World competition.

To participate in the USASF World competition, a team must receive a bid at a qualifying national competition. Contrary to this method of eligibility, The Majors prides itself it being the most selective elite all-star competition to date. Participates are hand selected based on past performances, popularity, and overall program success.

In 2012, a total of nine teams were selected from seven programs. The competition included only two divisions (arguably the two most popular and entertaining divisions), level five large all girl and level five large co-ed.

The competition took place January 14, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana in conjunction with the sponsoring organizations Super Nationals. Each team performed once, and awards were announced immediately following the competition. The participating teams are listed below in order of how they ranked (final scores are listed in parenthesis).


Level 5 Large All Girl Level 5 Large Co-ed
1. Cheer Athletics (93.50)        1. Cheer Extreme (92.22)
2. Maryland Twisters F5 (92.21)        2. Cheer Athletics (90.24)
3. Cheer Extreme (90.50)        3. Top Gun (89.67)
4. Fame (89.46)        4. ACE (89.08)
5. Maryland Marlins (87.08)


The Majors also differ from other competitions in that each team is chronicled through multiple video posts. This gives fans a peek inside these elite teams while they are practicing at their home gyms. The event is a must-see for any fan of competitive cheerleading or elite sports. During most competitions, audience members make an effort to watch these teams no matter how much extra time must be spent in the arena awaiting their performance. The Majors gives you the best of the best, one after another, all in one setting! It doesn’t get better than that!

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