Staying Fit through the Holidays

Family dinners, holiday parties, sweets galore, hours dedicated to finding the perfect gift: all things that signify the holiday season is near. There are many joyous things associated with the end of the year celebrations spanning from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, but these joyous moments can also be accompanied by over-eating, ditched workout routines, and a serious case of apathy. So what is the recipe to avoiding this holiday haze? CELEBRATE and you’ll conquer the holidays with no trouble!


Control your eating.  The holiday spirit is one that embraces over-eating. Avoid this at all costs. Remember to eat manageable portions. The saying the more the merrier doesn’t apply to your plate. You don’t have to say no to all the delicious holiday desserts; instead, limit yourself to one.

Eat before you go. This will help to avoid the urge to pile it on your plate if you’re heading to a family feast. And if a family feast isn’t your destination, eating before you depart will ensure that you have the energy to make it through your day with adequate holiday pep.

Location doesn’t matter – fit in exercise wherever you can. Also, look for non-traditional opportunities to get in some exercise. One example is to take the steps instead of the elevator. Or don’t waste time circling the mall parking lot for that front row spot; a swift walk from the back of the parking lot can certainly serve as a healthy dose of cardio.

Exercise when you can. Hectic schedules usually accompany the Holiday season. Don’t ditch your exercise routine completely. Short sessions beat nothing at all. Get it in where you can fit it in! Keep in mind that exercise will help keep you stress-free and smiling throughout the holiday season.

Beware of liquid calories. Filling up on the holiday punch can be just as bad as over-eating. When the opportunity to choose water presents itself, select water.

Recruit others to join in. Encourage family and friends to work out with you. “The more the merrier” most certainly applies in this instance. Take a break from holiday cooking or shopping, and work out together.

Avoid skipping meals. Although it’s tempting to skip meals in hopes of making room for future feasts, coming to the buffet line with an empty stomach usually leads to making poor food selections. Eating small meals throughout the day not only allows your body time to digest all of your food adequately, but will also help you to avoid over-indulging.

Turn down the heat. When you are a little chilly, NOT FREEZING, your body will work a little harder to warm up, thus burning extra calories. So hold off on putting that snuggie on so soon.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit! Remember, stress is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Live in the moment and enjoy the festivities while they last!

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