September 2012

Maxing out the Score Sheet at Competition

Spread the CheerSports such as cheerleading, dancing, and figure skating are often criticized because they appear to be very subjective when it comes to judging. In reality, when people are involved in judging, there is certainly a subjective nature. However, major steps have been taken in all of these sports to eliminate the subjective nature […] Read more

Creatively Motivate Your Cheer Team

Spread the CheerCheerleaders are responsible for motivating others, but who is responsible for motivating the cheerleaders? This responsibility largely falls on the shoulders of team advisors or coaches and is not always an easy task. Below you will find some creative ways to motivate your team throughout the season. A motivated team does the best […] Read more

Start from the Beginning

Spread the CheerSo tryouts are over and you have successfully selected your perfect team! Ideas for new and innovative skills and routines are running wild in your mind, and you can’t wait to jump in head first. Embrace the excitement, jot down all of those great ideas, and then put them on the back burner. […] Read more

Getting to the Bottom of Tumbling Mental Blocks

Spread the CheerIn cheerleading, many skills take great physical ability, but there is also typically an equal amount of mental strength needed. When it comes to tumbling, there are many reasons that cheerleaders may find themselves with a mental block. A mental block is simply when you let your mind stop you from completing skills […] Read more