July 2012

Special Needs Cheerleading: A Catalyst for Change

Spread the CheerWhen you consider the stereotypical images of cheerleaders versus those with special needs, it may be difficult to see any common bonds. But over the past decade, cheerleading has served as a means of establishing lifelong friendships, as well as being a life-changing event, for many special needs athletes. U.S. All Star Federation […] Read more

Beating the Summertime Blues

Spread the CheerThe demands of cheerleading through the fall, winter, and spring are all-encompassing, and, for many cheerleaders, these demands seemingly create a world built around cheer. So as the summer approaches and cheer responsibilities dwindle, many cheerleaders are left with a case of the summertime blues. Idle time is not something most dedicated cheerleaders […] Read more

Fine-Tuning and Cleaning Cheer Routines

Spread the CheerThe music is in, choreography done, and conditioning is complete. The only step now is to fine-tune your routine by cleaning each individual section. The term “cleaning” refers to the process of tidying up small errors or correcting choreography to ensure the routine is at its best. Doing so will help ensure that […] Read more

Conditioning for Increased Stamina

Spread the CheerStamina is a main component in a performing a successful cheer routine. The ability to successfully complete a cheer routine from beginning to end mandates a high level of both energy and endurance. You cannot rightfully expect your team to perform to their full potential when proper conditioning has not been completed. Conditioning […] Read more

Life after Cheer

Spread the CheerSo it’s over… you’ve graduated, been injured, or something else is preventing you from continuing to cheer. This can be devastating for some cheerleaders because of the large role that cheerleading has previously played in their lives. For many, cheerleading becomes a way of life, and learning to move forward without cheering can […] Read more