June 2012

Basket Tossing 101

Spread the CheerBasket tosses are one of the most crowd pleasing stunts performed by cheerleaders. There is nothing more amazing than to see a cheerleader flying through the air with such grace and control. For those unfamiliar with cheerleading, it may seem like basket tosses are accomplished with ease, but in reality, basket tosses require […] Read more

Cheer Parents’ List of Do’s & Don’ts

Spread the CheerAs a coach, there are many things that must successfully come together to create a good team environment and a successful cheer season. It would seem that on the list of important factors, parents would not necessarily be rank high. Quite the contrary; parents play a vital role in the success of their […] Read more

Managing Summer Sunshine

Spread the CheerThe summer sunshine can be very enticing, as a sun-kissed tan can seem to call one’s name throughout the summer months. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the outdoors and indulging in outdoor fun, but it is crucial that you are mindful of skin care while taking in the sunshine. Sunscreen One of […] Read more

What to Expect from College Cheer Tryouts

Spread the CheerCollege tryouts are a great experience, but many cheerleaders don’t know what to expect or how to prepare. We hope this article will better prepare you to put your best foot forward for this unique experience. Are college tryouts different from high school and competitive team tryouts? In some cases, YES, drastically different! […] Read more

Cheer Camp Prep: Tips for Coaches and Cheerleaders

Spread the CheerIf your team has the opportunity to attend a summer cheer camp, maximize your time and registration fees by taking the time to properly prepare for camp. Often, people simply show up for camp; sometimes they gain from the experience, and on other occasions they will not. To ensure that your camp experience […] Read more