Turning Cheer into a Career

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Is cheerleading your true passion and calling in life? Can’t imagine a life that doesn’t include cheerleading? Well, you may want to consider one of the following career paths to fulfill your cheer needs.


Coaching is a fantastic way to pass on the lessons and skills that you have learned through cheerleading. As a cheer coach, you will have the rewarding experience of watching cheerleaders grow under your tutelage, which should be the ultimate goal of every coach. Coaching is not for everyone. On top of having a vast knowledge of the sport of cheerleading, strength training and a basic knowledge of first aid, CPR, and sports medicine, a coach must be patient, understanding, firm, able to withstand criticism and make decisions based on the best interest of large groups of people. If you can see a future in coaching, don’t wait until you are out on your own to look for employment. Start early; volunteer to assist with younger cheerleaders. Volunteering as an assistant coach will give you a good idea of whether or not the industry of coaching will be a good fit for you.


Are you blessed with the ability to create new and innovative moves with only a moment’s notice? Not everyone has this talent, and it can certainly translate into a successful career. Choreographers need to be good instructors, having the ability to break complex moves down into simple understandable movements. If you plan on entering the field of choreography, you’ll need to have a solid knowledge base of all of the mandatory components in a routine, as well as how to successfully transition from one portion of the routine to another. If this is where you see your future, identify a local choreographer that you admire and ask if you can intern or shadow her. This will allow you to see her creative process, as well as the teaching process. If you still are interested in becoming a choreographer, start with local youth squads, and ask if you can assist in creating their routines. Offering your services for free is a good way to establish a solid reputation and eventually begin to build up a paying list of clients.


If you have a knack for business and a passion for cheer, you may find a future in the administration of a cheer organization or gym. In most instances, people only see coaches busily working in the gym. But behind the scenes, there are people responsible for maintaining the marketing, scheduling, billing, competition registrations, etc. If you are seeking a position where you can exercise your business savvy for a worthy cheer cause, begin to make contacts in local gyms and organizations. Seeking an internship is a great way to get your feet wet. While interning, ask to create mock marketing campaigns or like items. Showing this initiative may end with your ideas actually getting used, which is an invaluable resume builder.

Cheer Uniforms & Apparel

Fashion forward cheerleaders looking to make a career out of cheer may be inclined to check out the industry of cheer apparel. There are a number of companies that create custom cheer uniforms and apparel, and the roles within such companies are vast. Again, interning in a company like this will allow you to gain experience and determine whether this is the appropriate field for you. If you can’t locate a company with this specialty nearby, seek out a retail position that will allow you to gain experience in customer service, which is always invaluable. Keep an eye out for seasonal design competitions, often sponsored by major uniform design companies.

Cheer Competition Staff

If you are interested in supplementing your career with a dash of cheer, consider signing up to work as a competition staff member. The responsibilities are vast, but you’ll get a good dose of cheer. There are many cheer competition companies, and there is always a large need for assistance in producing successful competitions. Inquire with the company headquarters as to how they go about selecting staff.

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