Funding your Cheer Season

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There are many of ways to raise money to support your cheer team. It is important to select fundraisers that will utilize your team’s strengths and preferences. Conducting fundraisers that lack interest and will not yield full participation will not maximize your time and efforts. Below you will find both some traditional and creative ways to raise money for your squad or for charity causes.

Car Washes – Car washes are a good old fashioned fundraiser. They require very little start-up funding, and with the right advertising and word of mouth, efforts can make a large amount of money. Finding a good location for your car wash is key. Being able to pull in passing traffic will significantly boost your revenue. Make sure you have signs that detail who you are representing and how much the car wash will cost. Signs should be bright and readable from a distance.

Tuck for a Buck Events – If your team is able to perform either standing tucks or running tumbling passes that include tucks, tuck for a buck events are a great fundraiser. There are two ways to make money from this event. First, each member of the team solicits sponsors. People can pledge as little as 25 cents. They are essentially pledging to pay that amount times however many tucks that individual team member can perform within an hour. So if a person pledges $1 and that individual can complete one tuck every five minutes, they will have brought in $12 from that sponsor. The total amount of money raised through sponsorship quickly adds up. To supplement the money raised through sponsorship, you can also ask for donations from those who come out to watch the actual event. If you are able to get a prize donated, you can offer a raffle ticket to each person who makes a donation to enter the event.

Scratch Off Tickets – Scratch off tickets are a great way to make quick money for your team and give your supporters something in return. Personalized scratch cards are also available, for which each supporter will be asked to scratch off a circle on the card, revealing a nominal amount that they will be responsible for donating. In return, their donation will be rewarded with a coupon book full of great coupons from nationally based companies. Visit for more information on fundraising options.

Selling Personalized Team Items – One of the best ways to bring in funds to a program is to help supporters show their spirit. There are many custom items that sell very well at sporting events, such as vinyl chair backs, imprinted rooter poms, mini-sports balls, or imprinted cups. The major difficulty with selling items such as these is that it will require start up money before a profit can actually be made and you are not guaranteed to make your money back.

Cheerleader for a Day – A good way to raise money and inspire a new generation of cheerleaders is by holding a youth cheerleading clinic. You can advertise through local elementary schools and recreational programs. Invite young, aspiring cheerleaders out to learn the basics of cheer motions and jumps, in addition to some chants and a few eight counts of a dance. Depending on the amount you decide to charge for registration, you may be able to include a participant t-shirt. Reward participants with the opportunity to come onto the sidelines and perform the chants and dance learned at the clinic during an upcoming game. Registration fees should depend on how long your clinic will be and what it will actually entail. Typical registration amounts can range from $15-$50. This fundraiser, if successfully completed, has the potential to be an annual fundraiser.

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