October 2011

Body Image and Healthy Eating

Spread the CheerCheerleaders come in all shapes and sizes and it is important that we embrace all types of bodies and looks. Promoting positive body images and warning against the dangers of extreme dieting and eating disorders should be a priority for every coach. Becoming a cheerleader tends to come with a heavy burden to […] Read more

Cheering for Football

Spread the CheerFootball cheerleaders have three main responsibilities on the sidelines… 1) Motivate the football team, 2) Keep the crowd entertained and 3) Lead the crowd in cheering on the football team. These tasks are accomplished much easier when there exists a basic grasp of core football concepts. Knowing what is happening on the field […] Read more

Competition Tips Straight from the Judges

Spread the CheerAs the summer winds down and choreography season spirals into overdrive we’d like to supply you with a helpful list of routine pointers. We’ve consulted several judges from major national cheer and dance competition companies and this is what we’ve found. Things that excite and wow judges… also known as The “must have” […] Read more

Double the Fun Double the Spin

Spread the CheerConquering a Double Twisting Cradle A standard level five dismount from a stunt is the double down cradle. In this skill, a flyer rotates twice in the air before reaching the awaiting arms of his or her bases. Below you will find three tips that will help you perfect your double down and […] Read more