July 2011

Chants To Spice Up Your Football Season

Spread the CheerAs a coach you are challenged with a long list of responsibilities throughout the course of one cheer season. One of those responsibilities is staying current and reinventing the wheel season after season with new cheers and chants. Let us help! Below you will find a list of ten chants that can help […] Read more

Basing Basics (Part II)

Spread the CheerIn the last article we expressed the importance of capitalizing on your leg strength while basing. In this article, we will share some exercises that will help you pump up those very muscles. When it comes to conditioning your body, there are hundreds of different ways to accomplish your goals. These are just […] Read more

Basing Basics (Part I)

Spread the CheerStunting is one of the most astounding and quickly evolving parts of cheerleading, but it is also one of the most intricate parts of the sport. Stunting requires a high degree of team work and the cooperation of at least two people, but in many cases four or more cheerleaders. Many times, when […] Read more